How we review teas


It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Sipping and slurping our way through one tea at a time, we carry out a rigorous and meticulous* tasting experience to give you an idea of what to expect.

Want to know what a particular tea tastes like before buying a whole box of loose leaf? Want to know when to best enjoy it – and how?

Our reviews will let you know all this and more!

* Not actually that rigorous or meticulous. 

The Travelling Tea Leaf review rating system

We figure all reviews need a infallible rating system. Here’s a guide to the one we use:

  • One tea leaf: You’re better off drinking coffee.
  • Two tea leaves: Bearable, but this is likely to be one of those teas you take a few sips of and then forget about, while it sits on your bedside table growing cool until you end up throwing it away.
  • Three tea leaves: Sometimes, this brew will be exactly what you need. Other times, you’ll wonder why you’re drinking it at all. Much like tequila.
  • Four tea leaves: A brew that knows how to hit the spot. The T spot.
  • Five tea leaves: Ensure you always have an ample supply of this brew, because you’ll be wanting to drink this all. Day. Long.