Ti Ora’s Summer Fruit Tea with Manuka Leaf: Tea Review

This tea is the essence of summer in a cup! Filled with the scents of fruits such as strawberry, apple and mango and other sweet-smelling aromas like rosehip and hibiscus, this tea will evoke nostalgic memories of balmy summer evenings.

Pukka Womankind: Tea Review

Contrary to its name, Pukka Womankind (that was actually created by a man) can be drunk by anyone! With cranberry, rose and vanilla all jostling for your nosebuds’ attention, this is a sweet tea to enjoy at any time of day.

T2 Baxter’s Buns: Tea Review

This brew conjures up memories of spreading butter on freshly baked hot cross buns, and munching down on sweet raisins. Easter in a cup, this tea is a hot cross bun in liquid form.