T2’s Irish Breakfast: Tea Review

Can’t make it to Ireland? A cup of this brew will have to do!

Compared to some other Irish Breakfast tea blends, T2’s isn’t super strong. So, if you prefer a lighter brew to start your morning, this will appeal to you. However, we feel that a real Irish Breakfast tea needs to slap you in the face (in the best possible way) and give you that kick to wake up in the morning.

That being said, if you can’t get to Ireland today, for whatever reason (time, money, “oh but I have a job” – all poor excuses, in our view), a cup of this brew will have to do! A few sips of this and in no time you’ll feel like you’re back in a quaint seaside town in County Cork. If you start spotting leprechauns, though, you may have accidentally spilt something else into your pot of tea …

Forget about sipping this slowly. When the Irish drink tea, they mean business. So get a hold of the loose leaf tea and make yourself a pot. And then go make yourself another one.

Where to have T2’s Irish Breakfast Tea

At the kitchen table while gazing out the window at rolling green pastures (or dreaming about them, as we often do).

When to have T2’s Irish Breakfast Tea

On a drizzly, grey morning. Plenty of those here in Auckland, so stock up, Kiwis.


3 tea leaves*

*Find out more about the Travelling Tea Leaf’s rating system



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