T2 London Breakfast: Tea Review

Strong and smoky, this brew is ideal for a rainy morning.

T2’s range of breakfast teas have an amazing way of transporting the drinker to a particular place in the world. Sydney Breakfast reminds us of home, while Irish Breakfast takes us back to the beautiful landscapes of County Cork.

Their London Breakfast blend is no exception! With a smoky aroma and rich, strong flavour (best served with a splash of milk), you might just feel as though you’re sitting at a cafe in the bustling metropolis itself.

At first, we didn’t enjoy this quite as much as some of the other T2 breakfast blends (Auckland Breakfast and Melbourne Breakfast remain our favourites). But after a few taste tests, London Breakfast is fast becoming one of our favourite brews to accompany us when we’re writing tea reviews. The strong flavour and smokiness also bring warmth and comfort on rainy days. And let’s face it, there are a lot of those in Auckland, so having this tea close by will be handy!

Where to have T2’s London Breakfast tea

In bed or at the kitchen table, preferably accompanied by a full English breakfast.

When to have T2’s London Breakfast tea

On a rainy Saturday morning.


3 tea leaves*

*Find out more about the Travelling Tea Leaf’s rating system


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