T2’s Daintree tea: Tea review

T2’s Daintree tea is inspired by the Daintree region in Queensland. It’s a classic Australian tea filled with coppery goodness, but there’s nothing remarkable about it.

T2 Sydney Breakfast Tea: Tea Review

T2’s Sydney Breakfast tea is invigorating and energising, which makes it the perfect blend to begin your working day. The coppery flavour of bergamot will transport you to the beaches and bushland of Australia’s most beautiful city, Sydney.

T2’s Irish Breakfast: Tea Review

When the Irish drink tea, they mean business. Get a hold of T2’s Irish Breakfast and make yourself a pot. And then go make yourself another one.

5 reasons why tea is better than coffee

Tea and coffee are both widely drunk the world over. While you may enjoy both, it’s quite clear one is far superior to the other. Here are five reasons why the leaf will always win over the bean.

T2 London Breakfast: Tea Review

T2’s London Breakfast tea has a smoky aroma and rich, strong flavour that will transport you to the big smoke. It’s one of the stronger teas in T2’s breakfast range, and perfect for those rainy weekend mornings.

Ti Ora’s Summer Fruit Tea with Manuka Leaf: Tea Review

This tea is the essence of summer in a cup! Filled with the scents of fruits such as strawberry, apple and mango and other sweet-smelling aromas like rosehip and hibiscus, this tea will evoke nostalgic memories of balmy summer evenings.

Pukka Womankind: Tea Review

Contrary to its name, Pukka Womankind (that was actually created by a man) can be drunk by anyone! With cranberry, rose and vanilla all jostling for your nosebuds’ attention, this is a sweet tea to enjoy at any time of day.

T2 Baxter’s Buns: Tea Review

This brew conjures up memories of spreading butter on freshly baked hot cross buns, and munching down on sweet raisins. Easter in a cup, this tea is a hot cross bun in liquid form.